Touhy Livestock 4-H Club- October 2014 Club of the Month

By Nebraska 4-H Foundation October 3, 2014

This month we would like to congratulate The Touhy Livestock 4-H Club on being awarded Nebraska’s Club of the Month in September. The Touhy Livestock 4-H club has 36 active members of all ages. They have a great Clover Kid program that is supervised by some parents with children that age. The club is very diverse, with children showing beef, swine, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, horses, and most show items in the static classes. They have excellent leaders in the Tractor/ATV program which is always attended. The Touhy Livestock 4-H Club received a grant from Monsanto, so they used it to build a concrete pedal tractor track at the Saunders County Fair. They have had four pedal tractors donated to it and they try to add to it every year. They also applied for a tree grant to add shade to the pedal tractor course. It was accepted and they now have four trees that are growing nicely along the track! This summer they also set up a food stand at Val Days in Valparaiso, Nebraska and raised almost $2,000 for the club. Some of this money goes to giving each of their seniors a $200 scholarship for college. This club shows a hard work ethic among the adults and members! The Nebraska 4-H Foundation and Nebraska 4-H Ambassadors are proud to call the Touhy Livestock 4-H Club, Club of the Month for September 2014.

Also, applications are being accepted for the October 4-H Club of the Month until Friday, October 24th. Be sure to inform your clubs about this opportunity to be acknowledged for their achievements, service projects, and awards! Winners will receive a $50 check from the Nebraska 4-H Foundation and will be recognized state wide! Applications can be found at