Read for Resilience

By Sara Werner May 14, 2019

Supporting Young Children’s Healing After a Natural Disaster

Experiencing a major natural disaster such as floods can be very stressful for young children. Like adults, young children may struggle with expressing their feelings about their experiences and this can lead to difficulties with coping. Caregivers play an integral role in a young child’s emotional and physical development in addition to helping them cope. Using children’s literature in an interactive way can help children heal by better understanding their experiences in an engaging format and can improve their coping skills. 

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With the recent disaster in Nebraska, we are requesting donations to support a book drive to purchase children’s books for the Read for Resilience project. The Read for Resilience Extension project is led by members of the Learning Child (TLC) team at the University of Nebraska. TLC will identify children’s books to support their coping and understanding of their feelings after experiencing a disaster, loss, and/or grief. Reading guides accompany the books that provide caregivers with suggested activities and probing questions to help children personally connect with the experiences of the characters in the books.

For questions, please contact Holly Hatton-Bowers at


The Learning Child team is here to support young children and their caregivers.

Donations may be given to the Read for Resilience via PayPal. **Be sure to select “Read for Resilience” in the drop-down menu.** No Foundation fees apply; 100% of your gift will be directed toward caregivers and their young children!

Apply for Support

Read for Resilience funds are available to any Nebraska child care provider who has been impacted by a disaster. Grants are limited to $100 per caregiver. There is no deadline to apply. To learn more about the project or to apply for support, visit the Read for Resilience program website.