Hadar Handy Helpers 4-H Club – August 2014 Club of the Month

By Nebraska 4-H Foundation August 26, 2014

This month we would like to congratulate the Hadar Handy Helpers 4-H Club on being awarded Nebraska’s 4-H Club of the Month in August. The Hadar Handy Helpers enjoy giving back to their community. In years past, they have helped renovate the Hadar Community Park by painting the playground equipment, posts and planted flowers. They have also shown their commitment to the Pierce County Fairgrounds by helping pay for new rabbit and chicken cages and donating money towards getting air conditioning in the fair building. They donate their time there by painting lattice and shelving as well as helping clean up the fair buildings in preparation for the fair. They were able to donate this money due to them to recieiving the Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Award! Every year during fair time, the Hadar Handy Helpers meet at the fair grounds at 7am to pick up all of the trash on the fairgrounds from the day before. They even separate the trash from all the aluminum cans to be recycled. The club then takes the money that they receive from the aluminum cans and they put it back into their community and also use that money to go do a fun activity together; such as, going bowling, out to a movie, snow skiing, or out to a water park. Each year, the Hadar Handy Helpers do a project together at one of their meetings. This year the club made metal garden flowers out of scrap metal, tracker cogs, and old metal fence posts! The Nebraska 4-H Foundation and Nebraska 4-H Ambassadors are proud to call the Hadar Handy Helpers 4-H Club, 4-H Club of the Month for August 2014.

Also, applications are being accepted for the September 4-H Club of the Month until Friday, September 19th. Be sure to inform your clubs about this opportunity to be acknowledged for their achievements, service projects, and awards! Winners will receive a $50 check from the Nebraska 4-H Foundation and will be recognized state wide! Applications can be found at https://ne4hfoundation.org/recognition/