Fairland Giants 4-H Club- November 2014 Club of the Month

By Nebraska 4-H Foundation November 3, 2014

Congratulations to the Fairland Giants 4-H Club from Cass County for being selected as your October 2014 Nebraska 4-H Club of the Month!

This month we would like to congratulate The Fairland Giants 4-H Club on being awarded Nebraska’s Club of the Month in Octobe. The Fairland Giants 4-H club has been a 4-H Club for over 60 years! Their leader, Lynn Roeber has been a leader for 39 years. Many of the kids in the club today are 3rd generation members of their family to be in this club. This club is largely known for showing livestock at the fair. Members have exhibited cattle, pigs and sheep at the Cass County Fair every year in August. This year was a successful one for them! They were able to claim the Champion Feeder Steer, Reserve Champion Market Barrow, Reserve Champion Market Steer, Champion Senior Swine Showman and also Reserve Champion Club Pen of 3 with both swine and beef. Although the Fairland Giants enjoy the awards and ribbons, the members of this 4-H club can tell you the memories of the fair will stay with them much longer. The fair is a lot of work for the 4-H members and their families; however, they always make time for some fun! Water fights in the wash rack, chowing down on brownie sundaes from the food stand, wood chip fights and riding the parade were just a few of the highlights they had this year. This 4-H club shows that they work together very well. Members of the club are friends, mentors and even considered each other’s family. Older members give tips to the younger members about showing animals and are always willing to give a helping hand on show day, even if it includes showing an animal for someone else. “We are more than just a 4H club, we are a family!” –says members of the Fairland Giants 4-H Club. The Nebraska 4-H Foundation and Nebraska 4-H Ambassadors are proud to call the Fairland Giants 4-H Club, Club of the Month for October 2014.

Also, applications are being accepted for the November 4-H Club of the Month until Friday, November 21st . Be sure to inform your clubs about this opportunity to be acknowledged for their achievements, service projects, and awards! Winners will receive a $50 check from the Nebraska 4-H Foundation and will be recognized state wide! Applications can be found at https://ne4hfoundation.org/recognition/?