4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers

By Lindsay Shearer April 13, 2020

We are experiencing change, adaptation, and crisis in Nebraska due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at the Nebraska 4-H Foundation, we are working with speed and effectiveness to help our young people. Through the Nebraska 4-H Foundation’s 4-H’ERS Helping 4-H’ERS Fund, the Foundation responds to 4-H youth and family emergency need with financial support.

4-H’ERS Helping 4-H’ERS funds are available to any Nebraska 4-H youth or family who has been impacted by disaster. Gifts of support are distributed to youth and families year round. Applications are found on our website at: https://www.ne4hfoundation.org/4-hers-helping-4-hers/ Kids need us now more than ever — for educational resources, caring adult mentors and perhaps most of all, a sense of community. Young people are experiencing a world of uncertainty now. In Nebraska, over 530,000 school-age children have been impacted by school closures and need our help, especially those who do not have internet access.


4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers seeks contributions from 4-H members, 4-H families, 4-H alumni, and 4-H clubs and councils. The contributions are primarily used for major disasters such as serious illness, flood, tornado, or loss of home due to fire. When disaster strikes, no matter how large or small, 4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers will be there to help!

Donations may be given online.  100% of your gift will be directed toward youth applicants within the 4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers program!

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4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers funds are available to any Nebraska 4-H family who has been impacted by a disaster and has been recommended for support by a 4-H parent or guardian, 4-H volunteer, or 4-H alumni. Grants are limited to $100 for an individual and $500 for a family. There is no deadline to apply.  Applications must be submitted electronically.

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