4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers: Donate to Disaster Relief or Apply for Support

By 4-H Foundation March 26, 2019

Due to recent rains, snow, and natural snowmelt that has occurred while the ground has been frozen, Nebraska has recently experienced historic flooding in numerous counties. The need for assistance is growing.

The 4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers program, led by the Nebraska 4-H Foundation, is devoted to helping 4-H members and their families in times of need. Through generous donations made by 4-H families and friends, support is available to Nebraska 4-H families that have been affected by an emergency or disaster.


4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers seeks contributions from 4-H members, 4-H families, 4-H alumni, and 4-H clubs and councils. The contributions are primarily used for major disasters such as flood, tornado, loss of home due to fire, or serious illness. When disaster strikes, no matter how large or small, 4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers will be there to help!

Donations may be given to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation via PayPal. No Foundation fees apply; 100% of your gift will be directed toward youth applicants within the 4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers program!

Apply for Support

4-H’ers Helping 4-H’ers funds are available to any Nebraska 4-H family who has been impacted by a disaster and has been recommended for support by a 4-H parent or guardian, 4-H volunteer, or 4-H alumni. Grants are limited to $100 for an individual and $500 for a family. There is no deadline to apply. Applications must be submitted electronically.

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